Thursday, January 27, 2011


We've had a foot of new snow.  Pretty soon we won't be able to walk or drive down our street.  Here is a photo of our sledding adventure today!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If it doesn't rain it snows

Do you like my metaphor?  It's been 2 weeks of endless snow and seemingly endless mishaps.  It all started when after our foot of snow a few weeks ago, I decided to take the stroller and walk to J's preschool.  Well, I didn't make it very far along the path when I was blocked by a huge drift of snow.  I then had to walk on the street.  A woman stopped her car to yell at me for endangering the life of my children.  We made it into the city and then I decided that since Haley was crying and not napping that I would walk from Harvard to Davis Square.  I know...duh!  On a positive note, there were seemingly endless pairs of hands to help me lift the stroller over all the snow banks I encountered.  By the time I got home my feet were soaked as I had left my good pair of snow boots in VT.  I forgot that all the salt would melt the snow leaving foot deep puddles of water at each street crossing.

In the meantime, poor H was getting sicker and sicker.  We brought her to our pediatrician on MLK day and back again the next day.  We agreed that her breathing was too fast and she sounded like a veteran smoker.  Off to the hospital we went for a chest x-ray and sure enough she had the signs of pneumonia.  I thought about taking a photo of our little baby's body on the huge x-ray machine...poor girl.  Antibiotics cleared her right up but let's not forget the week we had of virtually no sleep.

On the mechanical front, the car decided to kick it up a notch.  Last Tuesday when we had an important meeting, we all piled into the car and lo and behold it didn't start.  Another snow storm was upon us and K raced off with Julia in one stroller and I wasn't too far behind with the other.  We had it jump started on Thursday and took it to the dealer.  It needed a part which should be in by Friday.  Friday brought more snow so I didn't go to the dealer that day.  I went to start the car on Sunday and nothing...called AAA and then again on Monday...called AAA.  Finally the car is now fixed and starts with a lovely roar.

Let's hope that all these antics are behind us but we are expecting to get maybe a foot of snow again today.  I feel the beginnings of not feeling well settle into the bottom of my stomach.  I'm hoping it turns into nothing...perhaps it is just stress!

So, if it doesn't rain it snows!!!

A tree outside our condo
A view of our street
H in her new office

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Yin and Yang of Packing

Today was a different kind of day...I PACKED THE CAR!  Yes, I did it all by myself.  I have some observations about packing strategies Man Vs. Woman.

Man = I'll pack everything I can and cram it into whatever container no matter what else is in it.  I will do it very very fast so we can get out of here pronto.

Woman = I might be slow but everything is planned for and organized so we can find things at the other end.  I will become maniacal about order.

Man and Woman pack and organize together = WAR.

I'll admit that I am so far from perfect when packing that I even annoy myself.  I'm slow and methodical but I also get hung up on suddenly cleaning something irrelevant (like the curtains).  I'm pretty grouchy about it too and will insist upon doing some irrelevant task whilst K gnashes his teeth as he runs out the door to fling something else in the car.  However, in my mind I put everything that is baby in one bag (except the baby) and everything that is electronic in another bag.  Here is a typical conversation:

Me: Where is the camera?

K: It's in with the oranges

Me: Oh!

Me: Where is my toilet kit

K: Oh, I put that in with my shoes

Me:  K, I can't find the baby wipes

K:  Oh yeah, it's between the baby seats in the back

You get the idea.  I also would like to make one more observation about stuff and Men.  Why does he insist on leaving his shoes on the bed when unpacking.  Didn't Mom always say to not jump on the bed with your shoes on?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nothing but a sock with a hole in it

I mistakenly put on a pair of Ken's old wool socks and noticed that one of them had multiple holes eaten by our VT mice.  Of course, I could have changed said sock but with so little time....well, so it stayed on my foot most of the day.  A couple of interesting observations are as follows:  As I was walking around the condo in my socks the floor felt wet.  Then when I brought my attention to the feeling of wet, I noticed that the floor was just cold.  And for a moment out of my task driven life, my foot had my full attention.  Or more succinctly, the bottom of my foot making contact with the floor had my full attention.    (Hmmm, where to go with this story now as in writing this my daughter started to cry and I was on my hands and knees rocking her for 10 minutes and she is still AWAKE!)

I guess the relevant aspect of my above observation is that I need to meditate or something.  I must miss a lot of things during the day that are quite wonderful if I metaphorically wear a sock over my head.  So, I was thinking that maybe I should stop and meditate at the church where my daughter goes to daycare every morning or night for 10 minutes.  Maybe this might help?  My day seems to unfold unpredictably that I can never seem to plan for anything but if I piggyback on something that I already do?  I now understand why Moms with kids under 5 can never do anything for themselves.  And, as we speak the H--monster has resumed her crying.  (uggghhh).  Doesn't she understand that I have things to do a schedule to keep.  And speaking of schedules, if she naps now, she'll wake up at 4:40 and how the heck am I going to pick up my oldest daughter and get my meat share which is the opposite direction of the Church.  Meat or Daughter...hmm which should I choose.

Below are some pictures of our growing family.  Poor H hasn't had a lot of picture publicity.  Does she look fatter now that she is on the 1 avocado a day regime.  And notice Daddy at the might wonder why is he rolling his eyes.  Is it something I said?