Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So, this week I'm going to write about poop.  We thought J was trained but she has some curious toiletry habits.  Our dear girl waits too long to poo, does a "little nugget" in her pants and keeps on going.  Sometimes she tells us, sometimes she doesn't.  Usually, when she does tell us she screams out loudly "Mommy, I pooped in my pants."  Imagine the response of the staff in a restaurant or the playground.  I thereupon need to take her to the side, go on a fishing expedition for the "nugget" and then put her on the potty where she completes the job.  Then she says, "Mommy, you need to wipe my butt, butt butt!"  She loves to say the word butt or buchee (translation butt cheek) also in a loud voice.  So, this house in inundated with poo in the pants and rear end terminology.  Try this at home, yell "poop" very loudly.  Do you notice how the sound carries?

J has now developed a poop complex.  We were so used to poop success that both K and I are getting frustrated.  So, when J has a successful poop she says "Mommy, are you happy."  So now, she is pooping in the toilet and looking to please us rather than do it because it is unpleasant to have a nugget stuck in her pants.  It is so hard to explain to a almost 4 year old about poop and how it can make you sick.  So, I explained the mechanics of pooping using a tube of toothpaste.  Imagine me, sitting in the bathroom and explaining how poop is stored in a sack in your body and holding Dora the explorer toothpaste, squeezing out the paste to simulate poo.  Yes, lovely!  So, there it is, the science of poopology!

Pictures of the week
 Whole Paycheck!

Mommy, am I bigger than the cat?

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