Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Did I poison her?

It all started when we realized that the millet tasted weird...I mean really weird.  The kind of weird that leaves that back of your throat dry and your nose wrinkling up to your eyeballs.  The thing is, she ate it..the baby that is!  We had mixed the millet with something else and I had (like a good Mommy) tasted it before giving it to her and yes, it tasted a bit odd.  BUT, I was distracted because I was thinking about the phone call from my Mom, who was crying.  There I was in the midst of the kitchen, baby food slung all over baby's face and clothes thinking about my poor Mom.  Julia was making her usual curious demands (I want it cut in triangles, I want to sit next to you Mommy,  I want to do my puzzle) and Ken was talking about a potential renter for our second home.  And baby H, was just opening her mouth as I spooned the horrible mixture and opening again and again.....

So, in short we didn't poison her.  The grinder we used for the millet had wet mold in it that got thoroughly cooked, killing all the potentially harmful organisms within.  I called the doctor twice who kept assuring me that she would throw up within the next 12 hours if it was indeed "bad".  In the meantime, I recreated the cooking of the millet and figured out where we went wrong and even ate some of the millet myself to see if I would throw up too!  (the doctor thought this was crazy thinking!)

All of this brought home to me the HUGE responsibility one has of being a parent.  Do you notice how we just live our lives not thinking of these things and then something like this happens and then WHAMO.  This innocent baby doesn't know any better.  She will indeed eat what I give her.  It could be arsenic or something.

Have you ever fed your baby something bad, accidentally hit their head on the open trunk, spilled  hot liquid on them or anything like this before?  If so, please share your story.

Picture of the week is below.  I hope my daughter doesn't always have to wear a helmet when doing a doodle.

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