Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Whining = WINE!


Is she sick?  Are my husband and I creating some kind of tension to warrant all this noise?  I think I've placed my hand on her head 5 times a day to check for a fever.  But no, she is 3 1/2!!!  According to her teachers, this type of behavior is age appropriate.  J is in between being a baby and being self-reliant.  I guess it doesn't help to have a baby in the house.  From morning 'til night for the last 3 days, we've had whining most days and a number of full blown tantrums.  This morning she lay on the floor and screamed because she couldn't put her "magna tiles" in the middle of the kitchen table during breakfast.  Last night, it was because she wanted to sit next to Mommy.  There's no in between.  It is situation = screaming/whining with no intermediate stage.  What happened to my cooperative girl?

I think I'm going to buy some circus music for the morning routine.  It consists of me chasing her around with various articles of clothing and she deciding she doesn't like my clothing choices.  All accompanied by the horrible sounds from the video above.  Then when we're all ready to go she announces that she doesn't want to go to preschool..she doesn't LIKE it...she DOESN'T WANT to go.  Once we get there however, she barely pays attention to me as she skips off to be with her friends.  Maybe I should just wear headphones with the circus music for the whole morning.  I have a very good sense of humor and I often catch her eye during the middle of all this shenanigans and make a joke and we laugh together.  It's all a farce of course.  She knows it and so do I.  In that moment of the joke, I see my girl again who I'm very bonded with.  As you can see, the video above is kind of a joke too.  I had her watch it and she laughed at her own whining.  But when I've had 5 hours of sleep a night for the last 3 nights (thanks to baby), it's hard to find the humor!

Yes, I need a glass of wine and some more sleep.  And YES, I love being her Mom.  I can see the girl beneath the "whine facade".

(For all you Moms out there reading this, how do you manage the whining?)

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