Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I am writing this post from a completely sleep deprived state.  I am having trouble differentiating between what I'm thinking and what I've said.  I constantly start off sentences with....I don't know if I told you this already but....  Poor Ken has heard things over and over again.  I also find that I say things that pop into my head without editing them first.  The other day, I was talking to my friend Roy.  I happen to glance at the phone tree for my daughter's daycare which had the word "message" written on it.  So, I said the word message right in the middle of the sentence I was speaking.  There was a pause and Roy said "message?"  It's a little scary.

This has been a very challenging week so far with sleep among other conundrums.  We started off the weekend with a date (oh boy) and then a holiday party on Sunday.  We brought Ms. Haley (who refuses the bottle) along for obvious reasons.  She was passed around and cooed at and then I noticed that she seemed hot...then hotter.  We called the doctor who said she needed a temperature.  Ken ran across the street to CVS and there we were sticking the thermometer up her butt right in the middle of the party.  Temp = 103.5.  We were advised to go to the ER.  From Party to ER in the space of 1 hour.  They poked, they prodded and proclaimed a double ear infection after removing the wax from her ear.  The next day, I took her to our doctor who didn't detect any ear infection.  It was simply some random virus.  So, ear wax removal = $100!

While at the doctor's I was told that Julia did indeed have UTI #4.  This might explain the constant whining from the poor girl.  She hit her Dad a number of times at dinner last night (Totally out of character I might add) which prompted her to be put to bed at 7pm whereupon she fell dead asleep.  Ms. Haley was up every 2 hours all night long.  I brought Julia home from daycare after lunch hoping to nap her but the little hooligan sounded like she was having a drunken brawl in her room.  She sang, took off her leggings, kicked the wall, threw her stuffed animals against the wall and the started yelling "I'm hungry" (this is a new ploy to not sleep that she's been using at bedtime).  One banana later and a bribe of a chocolate if she did indeed nap...there is silence and Ms. Haley has also fallen asleep.  I can't believe I bribed my daughter with chocolate!!

I am not intending to complain about my life or my daughters.  It has simply just been a rough week so far.  On a positive note, I've lost a few more pounds.  Our Christmas tree is up and I am still thinking about our 1.5 hour date on Saturday night without children.  Our neighbors babysat a sleeping Julia and a crying Haley who just wanted the boob the whole time.  By the time we got home, she (Haley) was hysterical but our neighbors didn't call us because they wanted us to enjoy our time out (bless them!).  When I saw all the college students being carded on the way reminded me of my 20's and a life that was so far different than it is now.  How my life has changed...for the better I might add!

If you are reading this winding blog...have a Happy whatever you celebrate.  I am trying to focus on the fact that things in life don't bring is the experiences.  This way I won't buy too much junk that I don't need.

over and out......

Note to self - this is what sleep looks like