Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What is a cupie doll?

Well readers...I'm short on time today so thought it would be fun to make my oldest child look like a cupie doll since I get so many comments that my baby looks like one.  So, what do you think?
Hmmm...not quite hunh?

Anyway, I am sitting here at my kitchen table smelling the fragrant cat box and once again contemplating why I have a cat with a kidney problem.  I just cleaned the darn thing yesterday...or was it the day before.  My husband did some cleaning of the kitchen so has left the signature dirty sponge on the kitchen table.  (I can't really complain as I don't screw the tops back on things).  The girls are asleep and I should be since I have this hacking cough thanks to preschool germs.  However, we are heading up to VT and the list of to do's is long.  Clean the cat box, laundry, pick up the house, pack, blah blah blah.  It will be nearly impossible to do it tomorrow with a 3 year old running around so I tried to do it tonight (unsuccessfully).  My one reflection is that laundry is a pain in the neck as once it is all cleaned it takes forever to fold it and put it away.  Have you ever just left your clean laundry in the bin and worn it all gets awfully confusing.  So, that's my small post for today...I don't have any deep thoughts to share except, that cat box stinks!!


N1C0LE said...

I dont like putting clothes away-laundry or otherwise. I went Florida the week of October 18th and still did not unpack my carry-on as yet. Leonard used to unpack and put away my clothes but last year I lost that privilege and don't know how to get it back.

Terry said...

A friend, who had three boys, once enlightened me to a laundry strategy that I have used since. I was visiting and helping with the laundry. I began folding t-shirts. No, no, she said. I hang everything I can up. Whaaa? I had never heard of such a thing. I was skeptical while we hung up all the shirts but back home I decided to try it (because folding and putting away is not my strong suit). Suddenly the brilliance of it dawned on me and I have done it ever since. Obviously shorts, underwear and all that go in drawers, pants, too but any shirt or dress or top can get hung up. It just makes it a little easier. Also, when the kiddies start picking out their own clothes you don't get that distressing event which is that all of your beautiful folded pile of shirts in the drawer are all muddled up because they wanted the one on the bottom. And the kids can see their selections easier!

When they get old enough to start "helping" with laundry, putting it one the hanger is potentially easier than folding. Your friend, "Martha" (Stewart) LOL